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Vormals RHE Händel Engineering GmbH & Co. KG

Plant Construction


anlagenbau dienstleistung plant construction serviceIn the product group RHE of MEISSNER company, efficient computer networks enable a smooth workflow starting from the planning and design phase through the procurement and manufacturing of equipment to an on-time delivery of plant components.

Already when designing the plant components, an optimum technical and commercial solution for the procurement of equipment is seeked in close co-operation with the own manufacturing department, or with selected sub-suppliers. The apparatuses and machines are then manufactured in the proprietary workshop located in St. Augustin, or at the premises of the respective subsupplier, always in accordance with RHE/MEISSNER requirements. The equipment produced is checked by RHE/MEISSNER experts to ensure that the high quality standards of RHE/MEISSNER are met.

During transport of the plant components to the plant site, our experience in the world-wide export of plants pays off in a smooth and close collaboration with our customers. Any special customer requests are taken into account as far as possible, most often already during the contracting phase.